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Trimec Strainers


The modular design of the strainers & optional air eliminator head allow fitment as a stand alone or close coupled strainer only or as a multi function strainer air eliminator check valve assembly.Wafer back pressure check valves are fitted between the eliminator strainer (ES) and the flowmeter to aid in the extraction of air & prevent any possibility of reverse flow.Medium & large capacity meters are supplied in the form of custody transfer assemblies incorporating peripheral devices to meet the requirements of industry and relevant approval bodies.Meters 1"~4" fitted with an angle adaptor will take various combinations of large mechanical registers, presets registers, printers & associated check & cut-off valves.





Barksdale's single-point float-type level switch provides a variety of solutions for your specific level control problems.
UNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 Level Switches are ideal for use in storage tanks, hydraulic power units, lube oil console systems and other general applications for level measurement. This Series features an intermediate size float for applications with more vertical clearance ( 2-9/16" stem length), and is suitable for rugged service and use in high viscosity liquids. Switch polarity on all models can be changed from normally-open to normally-closed by simply rotating the float 180 degrees. For your level switching and control needs requiring only a single float, Barksdale's UNS Series Level Switches are the ideal solution.



  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Ideal for small tanks & vessels
  • Reversible switch logic
  • Broad media compatibility
  • All models incorporate hermetically sealed magnetically actuated reed switches
  • Top or Bottom Mounted
  • Brass Stem with Buna-N Float
  • SPST (Reversible) or SPDT Switch Option


Technical specifications

General Specifications*

Switch Rating:

250 VAC/DC, 3A. / 100 VA/W
140 VAC/DC, 1A. 60 VA/W
Switch Configuration: Shipped as normally open as standard. Can be changed to normally closed by rotating fl oat 180°
Contact Mode*: 1 - SPST-switch (NO)
2 - SPST-switch (NC)
3 - SPDT-switch
Wetted Parts:

Brass (MS)
NBR foam (BUNA)
1/4” NPT male
Electrical Connection: PVC-cable - max 3 x 0.34mm2 1m/3m/5m length
Minimum Specific Gravity:
NBR Foam Float:

0.60 g/cm3
Protection Class: IP54

Operating Temperature: -4° to +220°F (-20° to +100°C) - oil
-4° to +180°F (-20° to +80°C) - water
Operating Pressure:
NBR Foam (BUNA):

220 psig (15 bar)
Weight: Approx. 150 grams (5.3 oz.)














Barksdale's Series UNS-1000 Level Switches offers a level control solution that is fully customizable to the exact needs of your application. Available in lengths up to 40", the UNS-1000 Level Switches can be configured with up to five floats, each with its own individual switch point. A variety of mounting options and materials are available, ensuring compatibility with your vessel. Standard construction materials include stainless steel and brass. Floats are available in stainless steel and Buna-N. Alternative materials may be available upon request. Switches may be configured either as one common circuit (Group 1 or 2) or as independent circuits (Group 3 or 4), with SPST or SPDT reed switches. For applications requiring multiple setpoints with pressures below 220 psi, the Series UNS-1000 is the level switch to choose.



  • Fully customizable
  • Up to 5 independent switch points
  • Reversible switch logic
  • Suitable for high viscosity liquids
  • Optional integral temperature switch
  • Hermetically sealed reed switches
  • Available in Brass or Stainless Steel
  • Multiple Mounting and Electrical Connection Options


Technical specifications

General Specifications*

Max. Operating Pressure: 220 psig (15 bar), NBR (BUNA), and SS float
Minimum Specific Gravity: NBR (BUNA) - .57 g/cm3 SS - .71 g/cm3
Mounting Position: Vertical, ±30°, through top or bottom
Protection Class: IP65 for ST-, KL- and PG-design
IP67, IP68 on request
IP54 for K-design
Operating Temperature: +14 °F to +221 °F (-10 °C to +105 °C), PVC-cable
Special Design Options:
(On Request)
DR - Damping tube
HT - High temperature silicone-cable
-40 °F to +302 °F (-40 °C to +150 °C)
U - Mounting location through bottom
PT100 - PT100-element
V V - Vertical adjustment
Exi - ATEX approval EEx ia
Contact Mode: NO or NC are defi ned on the basis of an empty tank and for installation through the top.
Weight: Dependent on length and design


Max. Switchpoints


KL6C AL Terminal Box

KL12C AL Terminal Box

ST1 DIN Connector

ST2 DIN Connector

PG Cable gland

Connect Group 1 5 5 2 5 3
Connect Group 2 2 4 1 2 1
Connect Group 3 3 4 1 3 2
Connect Group 4 2 3 1 2 1





Electrical Connection


Stainless Steel (VA) T1 NPT FLA3 DIN Connector (ST1 & ST2)
Terminal box (KL6C
or KL12C)
Cable gland (PG)
PVC Cable (K)
316 Stainless Steel (VA27)
1/8 NPT
1/2 NPT
Cable gland (PG)
PVC Cable (K)
Brass (MS) T1 NPT DIN Connector (ST1 & ST2)
Terminal box (KL6C
or KL12C)
Cable gland (PG)
PVC Cable (K)
1/8 NPT
1/2 NPT
Cable gland (PG) PVC Cable (K)
PVC Cable (K)








































Barksdale's Bilge Switch offers an ideal portable level switching solution for your mobile application. Featuring all stainless steel construction with a polyethylene float, the Bilge Switch is rugged enough to handle demanding level control problems and hold up to a broad range of media. An integrated lifting wire provides an easy means of testing the switch (SB5 option). The built-in slosh shield protects the switch from chatter in mobile applications. Barksdale's Bilge Switches can be suspended from their cables, eliminating the need for tapped holes in the top of the vessel. For your mobile level switching applications, or other applications requiring a rugged switch in an economical design, a Barksdale Bilge Switch is the ideal choice.



  • Rugged 316 stainless steel
  • Built-in slosh shield
  • Ideal for high viscosity liquid
  • Reversible switch logic
  • Hermetically sealed reed switches


Technical specifications

General Specifications*

Switch Rating SPST: 230 VAC/VDC @ 2.0 amps (Max.); 40 VA/W
Switch Configuration: Shipped as Normally Open (NO); Can be converted to Normally Closed (NC) by rotating fl oat 180°.
Wetted Parts:
Stem, Bracket & Slosh Shield:
Strain Relief:

316 Stainless Steel
Polyethylene (PE)
Halogen-free polymer, UL-VO
Polyamide (PA)
Electrical Connection: Polymer jacketed cable, 2-conductor 18 AWG (yellow cable)
Mounting: Suspended from cable / vertical +/-15°
Minimum Specific Gravity: 0.8 g/cm3
Operating Temperature: -4° to +158°F (-20° to +70°C)
Operating Pressure: 45 psig (3 bar) at 20°C
Cable Length: 6 ft., 30 ft., or 45 ft.
Weight: Approx. 180 gram
* See Order Number Key for additional options.














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